Chinese Mandarin tutor in Ho Chi Minh

You Can Center is a well-known and reliable educational location for every student who interests in finding a private Chinese Mandarin tutor in Ho Chi Minh. Our prestige is showed through the dynamic and experienced team of native private Chinese Mandarin tutors and teachers. You Can center instructors are selected from the most outstanding ones graduated with Chinese major from recognized universities in the world. We also offer diverse Chinese Mandarin courses with a flexible schedule to meet the students’ needs.

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1. Target member for private Chinese Mandarin tutor course.
2. Private Chinese Mandarin educating program in You Can.
3. Chinese Mandarin tutor courses for everyone.
4. Weekend Chinese Club for everyone.

Chinese Mandarin tutor in Ho Chi Minh
Choose your Chinese Mandarin tutor in Ho Chi Minh – You Can Language School

1. Target member for private Chinese Mandarin tutor course.

– Student interested in Chinese
– College student with  Chinese major
– Vietnamese staves work for China company
– Individual who has the plan to become an exchange student or study aboard in China.
– Member from China – Vietnam family
– Export workers who are working in a Chinese speaking environment.
– Vietnamese bride with Chinese partner

Contact: 0979 614 063 (English speaking) for more details

2. Private Chinese Mandarin educating program in You Can.

Chinese Mandarin tutor in Ho Chi Minh
Pick up a Chinese Mandarin tutor course to explore a new language

Before assigning for a Chinese course in You Can school, the teacher will test your skills and level (no fee required). The test result will then be showed to arrange the most suitable course that can support the student from the basic to advanced level. A Chinese educating program in You Can equip the student with numerous vocabulary, grammar, and useful phrases for various daily communication. Chinese Mandarin tutors and teachers will play the role to optimize 4 skills: Speaking – Listening – Writing – Reading comprehension in the course. The mid-term and final exams in the course will review and evaluate student knowledge.

In the first lesson, the teacher guides the student in pronouncing the Chinese alphabet. The following lessons will provide the necessary sentences to introduce one’s self in Chinese, greet each other, learn to count; make friend with your classmate, go shopping, and so on. At each topic, the teacher will regularly support the student with the vocabulary pronounce and grammar analysis. Then the whole class can take part in many activities likes: role – play, Pictionary, or even watch a short video to understand better the way to use communication phrases. Every member of the class is given the chance to practice new words and phrases with the teacher as much as possible.

>>> Chinese course in Saigon

3. Chinese Mandarin tutor courses for everyone.

Chinese Mandarin tutor in Ho Chi Minh
Chinese Mandarin tutor course for kid

We provide various Chinese Mandarin tutors courses at You Can Center for every student with different levels and ages. Students can request to study one-on-one with a Vietnam teacher or native teacher to upgrade your level. Moreover, our tutors are excellent in English and have qualified Chinese degrees like HSK and TOCFL . With the beginner, the best option is to study with a Vietnam teacher to gather basic knowledge. One the other hands, interacting with native instructor sharpen your Chinese communication reflex. In addition, You Can Center also held a Chinese class for the group from 8 to 12 students. A limited number in a class will ensure that the teacher can receive and explain the questions relating to the lesson. You will also find some practical Chinese course likes:

– Chinese Mandarin tutor course for beginner

– Communication course

– Tutor course for kids

– HSK/ TOCFL test preparation course

– Short course for travel

– Online Chinese Mandarin tutor course.

4. Weekend Chinese Club

You Can Center holds a Chinese Club every weekend for everyone who wants to improve their Chinese skills. Participants will get a chance to discuss various topics with our native teacher. Everyone who has an interest in the Chinese is welcome to join in You Can’s Chinese Club and no attended fee required.
Location: 3rd floor; 462/11 – 15 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, Ward 9, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city.

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