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Gửi đến các bạn học viên học tiếng Anh loạt từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề giao thông vô cùng quan trọng, đầy hữu ích và thường gặp trong giao tiếp và kiểm tra. Vốn từ vựng này sẽ hỗ trợ các bạn học viên xây dựng những cuộc hội thoại thú vị trong cuộc sống.

Bảng từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề giao thông.

từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề giao thông
Thuộc lòng ngay từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề giao thông
Từ vựng. Định nghĩa. Ví dụ
A (road) sign. Biển báo giao thông. The sign isn’t well-situated.
A bonnet/hood (GB). Mui xe. The bonnet had to be opend to check the engine.
A brake/To brake. Phanh (xe) (dừng xe). You have to break when you leave the highway.
A bumper. Cản xe. My bumper is damaged because it absorbed many shocks.
A cab. Tắc – xi. Black cabs are safer than other cabs in Great Britain.
A car crash. Vụ đâm xe. There was a car crash on the ringroad.
A car rental. Xe thuê. The car rental is all booked.
A car service. Dịch vụ bảo hành xe. For the bachelorette party, they used a car service.
A crosswalk (US)/a zebra crossing (GB). Làn đường cho người đi bộ. Children are taught how to use the crosswalk.
A dashboard. Bảng kỹ thuật xe. Some of the new dashboards are quite hard to read.
A door mirror/fender mirror/ outside rear-view mirror/side (view) mirror/ wing mirror. Gương phụ. Before turning, you should always check your side mirror.
A driver’s license (US)/driving licence (GB). Bằng lái xe. When did you get your driver’s license?
A driveway. Đường cho xe vào gara. Why don’t you park the car on the driveway?
A driving ban. Giờ cấm lưu thông. Due to the accident, I had a 3-month driving ban.
A driving instructor. Hướng dẫn viên lái xe. My driving instructor was so strict!
A fine/a ticket. Vé phạt. He got a ticket for parking where he wasn’t allowed to.
A foot brake. Phanh chân. I’mcomfortable using the foot brake when necessary.
A front mirror. Chiếu hậu. The instructor got a larger front mirror.
A gear. Bánh răng. As the first gear doesn’t work peoperly, I have to start the car in 2nd gear.
A gear lever/a gear stick/a gear shift. Cần gạc số. The gear shift is broken so the car needs to be repaired.
A handbrake. Phanh tay. The hill was so steep that I needed the handbrake to stop the car.
A headlight. Đèn trước. It’s dark so you’d better use the headlights.
A highway (US)/freeway (US)/motorway (GB). Đường cao tốc. Don’t drive too fast on the highway!
A hit and run. Tông xe và bỏ trốn. When they crashed, Harry couldn’t do anything as it was a hit-and-run accident.
A lane. Làn đường lưu thông. The lane towards the capital is hard to take.
A motorbike/bike. Xe mô tô. Many new fathers sell their motorbike to reduce risks.
A one-way street. Đường một chiều. Haven’t you seen the sign indicating it was a one-way street?
A park-and-ride scheme. Khu vực đỗ xe công cộng. Park-and-ride schemes will soon be implemented.
A parking lot/parking space. Bãi đỗ xe. The parking lot is too small for my car.
A pedestrian. Người đi bộ. There are fewer pedestrians in the US than in Europe.
A pedestrianized street. Khu vực dành cho người đi bộ. We love having lunch in the pedestrianized street.
A petrol gauge. Máy đo độ cồn. Which side is your petro gauge?
A pile-up. Vụ tông xe (2 xe trở lên) Be careful as there is a pile-up a few miles away.
A police officer/traffic cop. Sĩ quan giao thông. The police officer agreed not to give me a fine if I fixed the problem right away.
A road accident. Làn đường xảy ra tai nạn. Our children shouldn’t witness any road accident.
A rush hour (US)/peak hour (GB). Giờ cao điểm. Peak hours are very regular from Monday to Friday.
A seat belt. Dây an toàn. Please fasten your seat belt.
A sedan. Xe xedan (Xe gia đình). Her parents’ sedan is very good.
A sidewalk (US)/pavement (GB). Vỉa hè. The sidewalk is too narrow for my buggy.
A spare part. Phần dư. To save money, you can fix your car and buy the necessary spare parts.
A spare tire. Lốp xe dự phòng. We need a new spare
A speed limit. Tốc độ tối đa. Respect the speed limits not to be ticketed.
A station wagon. Xe wagon. To have more space than in a traditional car, they bought a station wagon.
A steering wheel. Bánh lái. The steering wheel has become hot with the sun.
A stop light. Đèn đỏ. Kerry hasn’t seen the stop light.
A tailback (GB). Dòng xe nối đuôi. With such a tailback, he’ll never be on time.
A tire (US)/tyre (GB). Lốp xe. Your tires need to be changed.
A tollbooth. Trạm thu phí. You’ll ask the person at the tollbooth.
A traffic jam/congestion. Ách tắc giao thông. Hamilton was stuck in a traffic jam.
A traffic light. Đèn giao thông. I haven’t seen the traffic lights, I hope it won’t be a problem.
A traffic violation (US)/ an offense. Vi phạm luật giao thông. Drive safely and avoid traffic violations.
A truck (US)/lorry (GB). Xe tải.. She dislikes driving behind trucks.
A trunk (US)/a boot (GB). Cốp xe. A trunk is always too small when you travel with your family.
A van. Xe Van. What do you think of my van?
A wheel. Bánh xe. How big is your wheel?
A windscreen/windshield wiper. Cần gạt phủi bụi. Your windscreen wipers need to be changed.
A windshield. Kính chắn gió. I need to clean the windshield because I can’t see the road properly.
A/to tow-away. Kéo xe đi. They risked a tow-away as they had no more time to find a parking spot.
Affordable. Vừa túi tiền. Taking the car is usually more affordable than the plane.
An auto-free zone/ a car-free zone/pedestrian zone/traffic-free zone. Khu vực cho ngừơi đi bộ. It’s so nice to walk around in car-free zones.
An engine. Động cơ. His engine is extremely powerful.
An exhaust pipe. Ống thải (bô xe hơi). Our exhaust pipe fell down while we were driving.
An indicator. Đèn xi-nhan. Don’t forget to use your indicators or the other drivers won’t know where you’re going.
Autobahn racing. Cuộc đua xe. Autobahn racing is dangerous.
Exhaust fumes. Khí thải (xe hơi). Exhaust fumes can be at the same height as your face.
Gas/petrol. Nhiên liệu. I’m out of gas.
Ground/land transportation. Vận chuyển bằng đường bộ. Ground transportation is mainly used for animals.
Heavy traffic. Xe đông trên đường. Due to heavy traffic, they were delayed.
Light/noise/sound pollution. Ô nhiễm tiếng ồn/ ánh sáng. In cities, light and noise pollution is huge.
Neutral (gear). Tắt máy xe. When she doesn’t know where to go, she always puts her car in neutral.
Reverse gear. Trả số đi lùi. Reverse gear can be tricky when you learn to drive.
Road rage. Tức giận khi đang lái xe. He was so angry he went through road rage.
Smog. Sương khói. The smog in cities can be dangerous.
To adjust. Điều chỉnh. Adjust your seat belt please.

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